About the Show - Michael Boyd

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“I was like – Wow how did he do that” Geri Halliwell – AGT

Michael Boyd incorporates the latest illusions and special effects together with the traditions of magic, fusing music, costumes and dance for a truly theatrical experience for the eyes, ears and the soul.

Michael’s warm and unique style of performance reaches out over the stage and into the audience where they become part the show.

Lager scale illusions with dynamic presentations, thumping sound tracks and gorgeous dancers entice you into a world of make believe were anything is possible, levitations, mysterious disappearances and jaw dropping escapes will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Some of the show highlights include:

Eight is enough – forget sawing a person in half, this illusion is taken to the extreme with 8 pieces!
Fire to Female – one of the fastest illusions in the world!
Instant Magician – an audience member becomes the star of the show and is transformed into a master magician…
• Thurston the Magical Duck – this duck disappears and reappears in the strangest of places!
The vanishing lady – now you see her, then you don’t!
Body through Body – two humans become one as flesh melts thru flesh…
The Impossible Dream – can dreams come true? Can we predict future events ? Find out…
The Floating Lady – a classic magic experience…
Magical Snow – Audiences will experience a magical snow blizzard.
Death Trap – locked in a box, a rack of deadly spikes are about to drop – will he escape? Find out!

Michael has entertained audiences around the globe; why not experience all the magic, illusions and all the mystery for yourself.